Carbon Executive Order

In March of 2020, Oregon Governor Kate Brown adopted Executive Order 20-04 directing state agencies to take actions to reduce and regulate greenhouse gas emissions. The implementation of this order poses significant concerns for Oregon manufacturers, as no single sector of Oregon’s economy would be harmed more by this program. OMC has convened a coalition of more than a dozen allied industries who share concerns regarding the impacts of this program. Through this coalition, we expect to be extremely active throughout the rulemaking process in advocating for the protection of manufacturers and other impacted sectors. In August, OMC filed a lawsuit challenging Governor Brown's executive order, arguing the Governor exceeded her authority in seeking to rewrite state laws without a vote of the Legislature.

OMC previously led the coalition in opposition to the cap-and-trade bills that were under consideration by Oregon lawmakers. We believe these proposals would have seriously harmed Oregon manufacturers by significantly increasing the cost of operating through the emissions cap and dramatic increases in the cost of natural gas and motor vehicle fuel. Thanks in part to OMC’s efforts, cap-and-trade proposals were defeated in consecutive legislative sessions.

For more information about the carbon coalition or OMC’s legal efforts regarding Governor Brown’s executive order, please send an email to our Executive Director Shaun Jillions: [email protected]

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