Coronavirus Response

The outbreak of COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for our state’s economy. Oregon’s manufacturing sector is clearly no exception. With more than 400,000 Oregonians out of work and employers facing a flurry of complicated executive orders and guidance from state and federal regulators, OMC has been working around the clock to provide manufacturers with information about keeping workers healthy and preventing the spread of the virus in the workplace, assisted HR professionals in navigating orders issued by the state and federal government, and has pressed Oregon lawmakers to support Coronavirus response measures that would provide immediate relief for the manufacturing industry.

There is no doubt that manufacturers and allied industries will continue to face challenges due to this outbreak in the short term and in the years ahead. OMC is here to help. We’ve been fighting for our members and this industry since the virus first arrived and we will continue doing so until long after its gone and through the economic recovery phase of this crisis.

Learn more about how OMC is fighting for manufacturers amid COVID-19 crisis on our Latest News page. If you and your business need assistance through this crisis, please reach out to our Executive Director Shaun Jillions at [email protected].

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