Resources available to assist employers with COVID-19 rules

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into the end of the year, state agencies continue to release updated  guidelines and regulations that impact business operations in Oregon. The most significant new policy is Oregon OSHA’s Temporary Rule Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risks, which requires employers to adhere to new safety standards meant to mitigate the spread of the virus. While OMC staff are available to provide technical assistance, the agency itself has taken some steps to support businesses in achieving compliance. Below are several resources employers may find helpful.

Exposure Risk Assessment Form – Employers can fill out this template (available in Word and PDF) as part of the requirement to conduct a risk assessment. The assessment must involve participation and feedback from employees. It gauges potential employee exposure to COVID-19, including addressing specific questions about how to minimize such exposure.

Model Policy for Notification of Employees when COVID-19 Exposure Occurs – Employers can satisfy the requirement to notify affected workers within 24 hours of a work-related infection by adopting this model procedure, available in Word and PDF.

The COVID-19 Hazards Poster – This required poster is available in both English and Spanish. The poster does not have to be printed and posted in color. Employers may also visit Oregon OSHA’s publications webpage to place an order.

Overview Table – This table summarizes the requirements and how they apply. It also shows the effective dates of certain provisions of the temporary rule.

OR-OSHA also offers consultation services and technical specialists to help employers comply with the requirements. 

Consultation services – Provides no-cost assistance with safety and health programs

Technical staff – Helps employers understand requirements

OMC members may also contact our Jenny Dresler, Director of Regulatory Affairs, for further guidance and assistance. Jenny can be reached at [email protected].

Finally, the Workers’ Compensation Division at the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services recently released a new poster related to COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims. OMC staff encourage all members to make this information available in the workplace. You can view a copy of the poster here.

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