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Company Spotlight

Incorporated in 1981, The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. is a leading international supplier of equipment and services to the freight rail transportation markets. Greenbrier employs over 13,000 people worldwide with over 1,000 residing in Oregon. To provide customers with the most comprehensive freight car solutions, Greenbrier utilizes an integrated business model that combines railcar manufacturing, wheel services, repair, refurbishment, retrofitting, component parts, leasing, and fleet management services.

Greenbrier has operations reaching customers in North America, South America, Europe and the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council, but it is rooted in Oregon. Greenbrier’s corporate headquarters are in Lake Oswego and its flagship manufacturing facility, Gunderson, has origins dating to 1919 when the Gunderson Brothers opened a wire wheel fabrication business in Portland. Today, Gunderson is a leading-edge marine barge and freight railcar builder that occupies more than 70 acres of industrial land along the Willamette River.


Greenbrier is an industry-leader in freight rail innovation. In 1985, it designed the Twin Stack® intermodal railcar, the first of its kind to stack shipping containers two-high. This car type revolutionized the rail industry and is still among the most commonly used today. More recently, in 2014, Greenbrier introduced the national public awareness campaign, “Safer Tank Cars Now” and designed “Tank Car of the Future” in response to the growing concern about transportation of hazardous materials by rail. Greenbrier is committed to the safety of people and the environment, and designs some of the industry’s most efficient, secure and durable freight transportation equipment.


Greenbrier is proud to make a positive impact in the areas where it operates. In Fiscal Year 2018, it donated nearly $700,000 to various non-profit organizations and accumulated a total of 22,190 employee volunteer hours globally. Through innovative design and respect for local communities, Greenbrier will continue making Oregon a great place to work and live. For more information, visit


Lake Oswego, Oregon