OMC Responds To Governor’s Proposed Budget

Oregon Manufacturers and Commerce Responds To Governor’s Proposed Budget

Salem, Ore. - Oregon Manufacturers and Commerce released the following statement today upon reviewing Governor Kate Brown’s proposed budget for the 2021-2023 biennium:

“Despite a generational health and economic crisis, state revenues have remained relatively stable and should prove adequate in fully funding our state’s government core services without raising new taxes. At the same time, the economic fallout of the pandemic coupled with an increasingly burdensome regulatory environment is threatening long-term damage to our state’s core industries, such as manufacturing. This damage is reversible, but only if our state leaders commit to supporting the private sector through the recovery phase of this crisis and beyond.

“We once again urge Governor Brown and legislative leaders to focus their energy in the 2021 session on protecting our state’s economy from further harm, restoring lost jobs, and doing everything possible to expedite the recovery for Oregon workers and employers. That means rejecting new tax increases and suspending regulatory actions not tied to the pandemic. Doing so will not only preserve the state’s ability to balance the budget in 2021-2023, but in future budget cycles as well.”

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