Company Spotlight

Founded in 1936, Roseburg Forest Products is committed to making lives better from the ground up through quality products, sustainable practices and community development. Still privately owned by our founding family, Roseburg is one of North America’s leading wood products producers, employing approximately 3,500 people at operations across North America. The company owns and sustainably manages nearly 600,000 acres of timberland in Oregon, North Carolina and Virginia.

In any given year, Roseburg harvests approximately 2% of its nearly 140,000 acres of Oregon timberland to supply local manufacturing operations. Our foresters replant at least 3 million new trees each year, contributing to an average growth rate of 7%. Not only does Roseburg provide local wood to fulfill production demand, but we also add more trees to the state of Oregon each year, with the added benefit of removing atmospheric carbon. Roseburg does all this while protecting and investing in our water, soil, fish and wildlife resources.

Roseburg generates much of its own power with green, renewable resources. Any excess green power is sold to local utilities that supply power to our communities, adding to the availability of renewable energy. In 2017, Roseburg generated more than 230 million kilowatt-hours of electricity from renewable materials.

The company is proud of its legacy of giving back to its communities. Through scholarships, charitable giving and volunteerism, Roseburg and its employees carry on that legacy in the often-rural areas where we operate. At Roseburg Forest Products, we are forever growing. For more information, visit


Springfield, Oregon